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Light of Loving Kindness, in partnership with Utopia Connect Foundation, has launched One Breath Chicago!


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LOLK's Leadership Internship for Teens
Develops Self-Love Bootcamp for Teens

Light of Loving Kindness’ (LOLK) Leadership Internship for Teens is developing a free eight-week program called Self-Love Bootcamp for Teensthree teen girls outdoors masks. A group of Chicagoland area teens has been working with LOLK Facilitators over the summer of 2020 to create a program that will be available for free to young people who want to go deeper into their own self-awareness and learn tools to be more successful in their personal, academic, and professional lives.

LOLK’s Teen Advisory Council is developing this healing and beneficial Self-Love Bootcamp for Teens, and we look forward to collaborating with community organizations and centers that work with and support teens. Anticipated rollout date for this program is January 2021.

Light of Loving Kindness is developing Self-Love Bootcamps for Teens, supporting youth from various, diverse social groups!

Light of Loving Kindness is available for your next staff training, meeting or work retreat!

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