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Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, Sound, Vibration, & Frequency Practitioner, Intuitive Reader, & Shamanic Energy Healer 



CLC, CPT, CYT200 Certified Life Coach, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Akashic Records Reader & Guide, Nutrition Consultant

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Leadership and Life Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, Birkman Method Consultant, certified Samapatti Yoga instructor



Clinical psychologist, emergency room psychiatric nurse, substance abuse therapist, Vietnam veteran, yoga teacher



LMT NeoTantra Teacher, Intimacy Coach, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Kundalini Yoga/Meditation, Breath Work, Visualization, & Healing Touch

Cassandra is a Yoga teacher specializing in Trauma-sensitive Yoga, Yoga for Stress and Anxiety, and a Yoga for Social Justice Leadership Facilitator.

She, likewise, teaches Mindfulness and Meditation, teaching a special course called Mindfulness for Cancer Survivors. Cassandra maintains a focus on making yoga accessible for Every Body. Remembering that yoga is NOT only about asanas – how we move our bodies, as is so often taught in the west – but she also focuses on the elements of yoga and mindfulness as a means to help heal one’s mind, body, soul, and spirit. Therefore, regardless of a person’s experiences as being different from others, Cassandra teaches that there is a practice that is just right for you.

Having been healed of two, life-threatening conditions, as verified by doctor’s reports, from rheumatoid arthritis and blood clots through yoga, reiki, and other healing modalities, Cassandra is a strong advocate of promoting alternative, complementary, and integrative solutions and mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) to all who are interested in experiencing these non- evasive modalities.

Cassandra helps us to change our minds by accepting that we are all beautiful, enlightened beings, remembering who we are, and learning to love and heal ourselves, our families, our communities, our city, our planet, and beyond through the Light of Loving Kindness. If you are a seeker, then we are here to help you on your journey. In addition to studying and teaching yoga, Cassandra is a deeply spiritual and intuitive being, having been gifted with spiritual gifts from early childhood. In addition to offering group services, Cassandra offers one-on-one, individualized sessions.

Anila's passion for yoga began many years ago, learning different styles of yoga and practicing them for years.

Anila discovered kundalini yoga in 2010 and it was complete love from the beginning. It was the "AAH. I'm home" that no other yoga had given. And so, began the root of the journey. She knew this was the passion and there was no greater joy than sharing this with others.

Kundalini yoga is known as the yoga of awareness, no greater awareness than of self. She has been a part of the Chicago volunteer force for over ten years. Volunteering with Alexian Bros Hospital - Sunshine Vistor Program, Common Threads, after school cooking program for kids, and currently at I Grow Chicago -- Peace House as a yoga instructor and Interview 101 workshops for teens. She has also taught high risk youth/incarcerated youth, bringing the Y.O.G.A for Youth program to Chicago.

Anila is an intuitive healer/reader - Akashic Records readings. She is a mom and grandmother and has gained a world of experience by living life, discovering strengths and weaknesses, releasing judgements and opening the heart.

Anila completed her 200-hour yoga instructor certification in Chicago & Level 2 training in Espanola, NM. She is also certified to teach high risk youth - Y.O.G.A for Youth/Krishna Kaur. Anila has trained with some of Yogi Bhajan's original students/teachers. Anila is a certified personal trainer & nutrition consultant - NPTI, and certified life coach - CTA, certified Akashic Records Reader - Tracy Ostrand. Anila specializes in relationships and communication.

As a Leadership and Life Coach, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, and Birkman Method Consultant, Jennifer leads retreats and workshops, and provides both one-to-one and team leadership development coaching, both in the US and internationally.

Jennifer brings together such diverse strands as behavioral science, meditative philosophy, and the inspiration of the natural world. In addition, she creates immersive experiences in settings that promote self-care and holistic personal wellness.

Jennifer’s Life Coach training comes from international coaching organizations including the Newfield Network and Tiara International. She is a certified Samapatti Yoga instructor and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She is a board member of Mental Health America of Northwest Indiana and co-founder of Rainbow Peace Warriors, a community group that fosters peace, light and love for all.

Dr. Larry Turner is a clinical psychologist, emergency room psychiatric nurse, substance abuse therapist, Vietnam veteran, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, father of four children, and grandfather of one.

For 20 years, Larry worked as a psychiatric nurse with traumatized children Chicago hospitals, using cognitive-behavioral therapy as well as yoga techniques. Larry knows from experience about the healing power of yoga, and one of his goals is to get more people to try yoga therapy. “Definitely go to your doctor,” he says, “but try yoga first.”

Before he practiced yoga, Larry had been a marathon runner for 15 years and an avid basketball player. When he injured his IT band in 1997, he was forced to quit both sports. One day at the South Side YMCA, Larry walked past a room where yoga teacher, Rosalia Holt, was getting ready to begin a class. She invited him in, and he decided to try it. Since stretching was part of his routine, Larry assumed yoga would be easy. “I was into that John Wayne testosterone mentality,” he says, “forcing my body to perform.” But when Rosalia led the class in a seated spinal twist, Larry realized there was more to yoga than loose hamstrings.Larry started going to all of Rosalia’s classes, and soon his IT band injury healed.

Over the years Larry has used his psychology degree and yoga skills to assist in major disaster areas: New Orleans in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina, Haiti after the major earthquake in 2010, and Sierra Leone during the Ebola crisis in 2014. In addition, Larry volunteers in after-school programs for inner-city schools. He teaches children and teachers yoga, breathing techniques, and skills designed to foster good decision-making.

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Occupational Therapist Certified Kemetic Yogi, Thai Yoga, Massage Practitioner, Breath Work Specialist

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Life and Soul Coach, Spiritual Activist, Executive Producer @ WGUYTV.com Studios Businessman, Actor, Model, Musician, and a Family Man



Tai Chi & Chan Meditation, Gung Fu, TaiJi, Acupuncture and Herbalist, Natural Bodybuilder, Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer 



Spiritual Reiki, energy clearing, healing through Infinite Divine, recites holy words blessing each person he touches.



Reiki practitioner,
facilitates past life meditations,
cleansing of Akashic Records,
and intuitive readings

20+ years of extensive experience in Occupational Therapy (OT) spanning from nursing homes, outpatient clinics, school systems, acute care to post-acute care.

She is certified in Thai Massage, Kemetic Yoga, and Yoga Trapeze. She uses these modalities as adjuncts to increasing power, strength, breath, and flexibility.

In addition, Saidia has collaborated with various naprapathic doctors and health and wellness coaches, and both designs and facilitates community wellness programs.

Guy Spencer is a businessman, actor, model, musician, spiritual activist, and most importantly a family man.

On his journey through life, Guy graduated from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business in 1983. He started his corporate sales experience with Xerox Corporation in Chicago, departing several years late to open his own million dollar printing company. After over 30 years of printing and multiple other business ventures, Guy still enjoys serving several billion-dollar corporations today.

Along the way, he was honored with a Ph.D. from GMOR International Theological Institute of America in Business and Humanities. Guy has a special gift of understanding the journey of humanity and the soul life associated with it. This gives him a special gift that allows him to touch many lives through motivational speaking. WGUYTV is the brainchild and platform that Guy now uses to share life building experiences with others.

A Chicago native and author, poet, former Mr. America (Body Building), and master martial art expert, Jimmy Chan (aka “FoFlight69), is always thrilled to have the opportunity to share his passion for working with youth and seniors

and is also excited to offer Performance Art through Spoken Word Poetry, Personal Training, Self Defense & Mixed Martial Art Workshops throughout the USA including: Chicago; Los Angeles; Las Vegas; New York and also Brisbane, QLD, Australia; Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil; Paris, France; Jamaica; Florence, Italy; Athena, Greece.

Standing firm to his motto, “I give because Everyone can use my help”. Jimmy Chan has trained well known celebrities, politicians, AIDS patients, seniors, troubled youth and yes, even pets! He says, “Energy is pure no matter the source. We all absorb and we all transmit. We are All Healers! I choose to Walk Through The Heavenly Gate to Share”. It would not be out of the ordinary to see someone stretched out over a table in a restaurant, leaning deep into stool at a bar or sitting on a suitcase or ground at the train platform in Paris receiving a massage treatment from this vessel of light, life and love.

30 years plus hours in the field training Professional and Amateur Athletes, Hollywood Celebrities, Politicians, Pre/Post-Natal, Inner City After School Kids Programs 25 years in the field as a Business Owner of ChanClan and Independent Contractor, including international work in Brazil, Jamaica, France, Italia and Australia. Chicago School of Massage Therapy- (1992-1993) Chicago: 500 hours extensive study program focused on Anatomy/Physiology, Kinesiology (including Myofascial, Neuromuscular Therapy (Rolfing), Trigger Point Release, Swedish Massage, Hydro/Cryotherapy, Nutrition, Reiki and Chi Gong), Pathology and hands on specific training. 300 hours community outreach programs which included athletes, pre-natal, senior citizens, pets (one of his most challenging but most spiritually rewarding), A.I.D.S patients (most rewarding work he’s ever done). 50 Hours Student Clinic

Reiki Level I, II – Certificate from Reiki Master Susan Pohn (Chicago) 300 hours Lotus Qi Gong with Master Zhen Hong Chen (Chicago) Chinese Institute of Gong Fu with Master Hong-Chao Zhang (2012-2014)

Parrillo Performance Personal Trainers Certification Continuing Education: Kang Tai Tai Ji Center with Grandmaster Dr.Shi Cun Wu (1992-Current) USA Shaolin Temple with Abbot Shi Yan Ming (1998-current) (NYC)

Elijah has had a lifelong connection to his natural gift of being a healer.

Realizing early on, he recalls his empathic abilities beginning around the age of 15 and started to share healing with others the young age of 18. When his spiritual journey began on the Sufi path his Martial Arts Master and Spiritual Teacher recommended that he give Reiki a try.

Since then Reiki has been of infinite value to him and the many he has been blessed to serve. Each of his clients receive Elijah’s intuitive care as they are guided through their own unique healing process.

In 2012, Angie's life was changed forever when she was introduced to Reiki.

She had finally found a place where she “fit” in, a place of community where she began to uncover and embrace the beautiful gifts she had been blessed with. She was able achieve much healing through the use of Reiki and Past Life Regressions and was able to release many hurts and major roadblocks through these two modalities. In October 2013, she had the amazing experience of attending Dr. Brian Weiss’s week long training, learning to lead individuals and groups through past life meditations.

Angie completed Doreen Virtue’s online class and became a Certified Angel Card Reader. The cards have given her another form of communication with spirit, and she has incorporated them in her intuitive readings, still finding it amazing how the right cards turn up at exactly the right time or the same card continually shows up.

In August 2016, she completed Reiki training and obtained my Reiki Master Teacher certificate and in May 2017, she completed level 1 Soul Realignment certification. Soul Realignment is a nontraditional Akashic Record course. Over the years, she has had the privilege in assisting clients in their healing through one or multiple of these modalities. She views it as an honor to serve each unique client in their healing process, witnessing their progressions, watching them release hurts and blocks, and embracing their light.



Holistic Health Practitioner, Advocate & Speaker, certified Reflexologist and Ayurveda Kansa Vatki Foot Massage Practitioner, Energy Worker, Herbalist

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Shiatsu & Massage Therapist; working on a holistic level, this physical therapy addresses emotional,
physical, and spiritual aspects of health.

Semala is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki Foot Massage Practician, Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Worker, Functional Medicine, and Functional Nutrition Practitioner, and lecturer.

Semala graduated from School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology (SOHMAR), currently Alliance Integrative Functional Medicine, and has studied a variety of modalities under many healers and teachers.

Semala's passion and interests are at the DNA and molecular levels, including Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics, and Blood Groups. He has practiced Holistic & Integrative Healing for over 20 years.

Monica has been practicing a form of physical therapy called Shiatsu for more than three years now.

Shiatsu originates from Japan and supports the body's natural ability to self-heal. Working on a holistic level, this physical therapy addresses emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of health.

The word "shiatsu" means "finger pressure" in Japanese. The practice uses comfortable pressure, touch, and manipulative techniques. This balances energy flow and adjusts elements of the body's physical structure, much like acupuncture. Through the use of meridians and meridian points, Shiatsu can restore harmony to the body. It is performed fully clothed, on a floor mat or table, and can be included in other forms of wellness. A deeply relaxing therapy, Shiatsu can be used to reduce stress and promote overall health and well-being.

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