Howard Brown Health Summer Staff Retreat Digital Series

Howard Brown Health’s Cabin Fever
A Summer Camp Digital Series

Light of Loving Kindness (LOLK) excitingly presented and facilitated workshops at Howard Brown Health’s all-staff event, Cabin Fever - A Summer Camp Digital Series. This was a full staff retreat for Howard Brown Health’s (HBH) 300+ staff, which was held over three dates, one each for the months of June, July and August. LOLK is proud to work with HBH and support their staff who work across the Chicagoland area to promote health and wellness through research, education and services, and eliminate the disparities in healthcare experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

Howard Brown Health logo Light of Loving Kindness logoOur missions align so thoroughly and we were grateful for the opportunity to support HBH staff’s health and wellness, by presenting virtual workshops to release stress and promote mindfulness.

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smiling woman with crystal bowlsLOLK’s team of practitioners, seen pictured above with Cassandra pictured to the left, were well-suited to address the goal and focus of each month’s retreat for HBH’s staff. LOLK facilitated affirming meditations, mantras and breathwork in support of June’s focus on Pride. July’s focus was on Self-care & Wellness and we brought programming to the staff to help relieve some of the grief we’ve all been holding around COVID-19, through chair yoga, crystal bowl and gong music and breathwork, gently releasing tension and stress held in the upper body.

August’s focus was on Building Up Ourselves & Each Other and LOLK provided mindfulness, guided-imagery meditation for staff, in which they released the heavy weights that have been holding them down. Also, LOLK facilitated The Meditative Body, where HBH staff were guided in exploration of enlivening the body to the subtle energies of self using intention, energy channeling, guided and dance meditation. These programs were each customized for groups so that people may participate at the level they are at.

Contact LOLK today to discuss customized programming for your next staff retreat or training at (708) 663-5572 or info@lightoflovingkindness.org.

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