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HOLISTIC INTEGRATIVE SOLUTIONS for the Community and Workplace

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Light of Loving Kindness (LOLK) offers virtual & on-site, integrative, holistic solutions and Mindfulness-based Interventions caring for your patients, families, & caregivers.

Light of Loving Kindness offers a variety of services, customizable to your Palliative Care & Hospice needs.  Below is a short list of some of our offerings. Contact us for more information or to discuss creating a personally crafted program.

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Mindfulness-based Interventions (MBIs) are key to quality Palliative & Hospice Care, providing numerous physical and mental benefits.

Light of Loving Kindness provides a variety of integrative holistic tools to support your hospice and palliative care patients, families, and caregivers.

These are some ways MBIs can support your quality Hospice & Palliaitve Care needs.

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Improves Quality of Life

Patient-centered care incorporates respect for patients' values and preferences attending to the need for physical comfort and emotional support. BMC Palliative Care reports that mindfulness and meditation training for interdisciplinary teams shows a significant reduction in distress and helps foster resilience for palliative care teams; moreover, it found significant improvements in burnout components, anxiety, and stress.

Reduces Suffering

The International Scholarly Research Notices found that therapists and researchers should be encouraged to apply mindfulness skills and deep contemplation to the design and execution of studies aimed at reducing suffering in those afflicted by difficult physical conditions.

Protects Against Burnout/h3>

Family Comfort Hospice states, “Mindfulness-based Interventions can reduce or even prevent instances of burnout among hospice and palliative clinicians and caregivers. These practices can provide support for compassion and empathy and give both patients and caregivers an outlet they can pursue anywhere, at any time, to support their own well-being and work.”

Cares for Staff & Caregivers

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization finds that mindfulness is a natural fit with palliative care, given its potential to alleviate emotional distress, reduce suffering and promote well-being.

Supports a Holistic Approach

Focusing on social, emotional, cultural, spiritual & intellectual aspects of care are supported by an interdisciplinary team and training. Mindfulness is a transdisciplinary approach that enhances clinical relationships and is shown to foster emotional intelligence, social connectedness, and to reduce stress and anxiety according to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

Copes with Life Threatening & Limiting Illnesses

In the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, research found that mindfulness-based supportive therapy (MBST) is a potentially useful psychological intervention in palliative care, specifically designed to address psycho-existential suffering of terminally ill patients.

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