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INTEGRATIVE HOLISTIC SOLUTIONS for the Community and Workplace

Our Mission

Light of Loving Kindness is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, whose divine purpose is to promote Hope, Health, Healing, & Wholeness through hands-on workshops, resiliency services, and education as it relates to the scientifically proven benefits of integrative holistic solutions and mindfulness-based interventions (MBI).

Who We Are

We are a group of trained, certified, and experienced practitioners, many with advanced degrees, from diverse walks of life, specializing in a wide variety of integrative, complementary, and alternative holistic solutions and mindfulness-based interventions (MBI) for your wellness needs.

Services offered individually in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, & Indiana. Group services offered nationally and internationally.

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Our Executive Director & Founder

Cassandra is a Linguist and Professor of Communications & English. In addition to being a student of life, she has earned five (5) academic degrees and two Master’s level certifications. Cassandra is a Yoga teacher specializing in Trauma-sensitive Yoga, Yoga for Stress and Anxiety, and a Yoga for Social Justice Leadership Facilitator. She, likewise, teaches Mindfulness and Meditation, teaching a special course called Mindfulness for Cancer Survivors.

Cassandra maintains a focus on making yoga accessible for Every Body. Remembering that yoga is NOT only about asanas – how we move our bodies, as is so often taught in the west – but she also focuses on the elements of yoga and mindfulness as a means to help heal one’s mind, body, soul, and spirit. Therefore, regardless of a person’s experiences as being different from others, Cassandra teaches that there is a practice that is just right for you.

Cassandra is a strong advocate of promoting alternative, complementary, and integrative solutions and mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) to all who are interested in experiencing these non- invasive modalities,

having been healed of two, life-threatening conditions, rheumatoid arthritis and blood clots as verified by doctor’s reports, through yoga, reiki, and other healing modalities.

Her goal with Light of Loving Kindness is to provide access to these life- changing practices for all people, and especially to those who can afford them the least, but who can benefit from access to them the most. From meditation to asanas (body work) to pranayama (breathing) to energy healing (reiki, shamanic energy healing tools), Cassandra helps us to change our minds by accepting that we are all beautiful, enlightened beings, remembering who we are, and learning to love and heal ourselves, our families, our communities, our city, our planet, and beyond through the Light of Loving Kindness.

If you are a seeker, then we are here to help you on your journey. In addition to studying and teaching yoga, Cassandra is a deeply spiritual and intuitive being, having been gifted with spiritual gifts from early childhood. In addition to offering group services, Cassandra offers one-on-one, individualized sessions.

In her spare time, Cassandra sings with a local group called Black Boot Band and she is an amateur photographer who spends much of her time recording and cataloging pictures of the seen and unseen realms of our existence.

Our Board of Directors

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Dr. Cassandra Powell

Founder and President of Light of Loving Kindness. See bio above.

Guy BoD

Dr. Guy Spencer, Board President

Dr. Guy Spencer is a businessman, actor, model, musician, spiritual activist, and most importantly a family man.  On his journey through life, Guy graduated from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business in 1983. He started his corporate sales experience with Xerox Corporation in Chicago, departing several years late to open his own million dollar printing company. After over 30 years of printing and multiple other business ventures, Guy still enjoys serving several billion-dollar corporations today.  Along the way, he was honored with a Ph.D. from GMOR International Theological Institute of America in Business and Humanities.  Guy has a special gift of understanding the journey of humanity and the soul life associated with it. This gives him a special gift that allows him to touch many lives through motivational speaking.  WGUYTV is the brainchild and platform that Guy now uses to share life building experiences with others.


Heather Kohlmeister, Board Treasurer and Acting Secretary

Heather Kohlmeister is a dedicated bilingual advocate of education who has worked in community services for over 20 years, personally tutoring and supporting the educational success of hundreds of students and later expanding her impact exponentially creating and managing a grass-roots Youth Education program in North Sacramento. Driven by a personal passion for continued learning, she has traveled to 15+ countries, earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in Language Studies, studying Linguistics and Spanish Literature at the University of California, San Diego, completed certification in Massage Therapy for various modalities at Fair Oaks Massage Institute, and was trained in a yearlong course on Herbal Medicine Making through Living Awareness Institute.


Dr. Larry Turner,
VP of Behavioral Health

Dr. Larry Turner is a clinical psychologist, emergency room psychiatric nurse, substance abuse therapist, Vietnam veteran, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, father of four children, and grandfather of one. For 20 years, Larry worked as a psychiatric nurse with traumatized children Chicago hospitals, using cognitive-behavioral therapy as well as yoga techniques. Larry knows from experience about the healing power of yoga, and one of his goals is to get more people to try yoga therapy. Over the years Larry has used his psychology degree and yoga skills to assist in major disaster areas: New Orleans in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina, Haiti after the major earthquake in 2010, and Sierra Leone during the Ebola crisis in 2014. In addition, Larry volunteers in after-school programs for inner-city schools teaching children yoga, breathing techniques, and skills designed to foster good decision-making.


Jason Bowles,
VP of Corporate Wellness

Jason Bowles is an experienced full life-cycle recruiter with over 8 years working in financial services, education, information technology, sales, engineering, manufacturing, and professional services. He earned his Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from The College of William and Mary and has applied his skills across a variety of industries. He has executed executive searches for TYGES in Heavy Manufacturing, recruitment of adjunct and full time faculty for multiple universities, as well as duties as a commercial banking recruiter for JP Morgan Chase. Jason’s interpersonal skills facilitate his dedication to connecting people from diverse backgrounds to beneficial opportunities in their field of interest.   



Patricia Hall, Board ECE Consultant

Patty Hall is the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Consultant for Light of Loving Kindness' Board of Directors. She is a career professional in both college instruction and leadership in early childhood education having earned multiple advanced degrees, including a Doctorate in Education, Leadership in Curriculum & Instruction from Argosy University, Alameda, CA. Patty is an experienced college professor who has also been a Training Consultant and Faculty Director expanding her effectiveness in her field of study. Over the years she has earned recognition, holding a position on the Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Council, and earning from them the Paragon New Advisor and Outstanding New Advisor Awards. Patty is an outstanding Member, Adviser, and Leader on multiple boards, in various community organizations and for many important political, honors, academic agencies.

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