5 for 5 to Help You Survive

5 for 5

To Help You Survive and Thrive!

Light of Loving Kindness joined hundreds of our community's social workers and staff from the Department of Family Support Services (DFSS) and offered two workshops simultaneously throughout the day to reach all attendees with our 5 for 5: To Help You Survive workshop.

Dr. Cassandra Powell and Dr. Larry Turner lead workshops in separate rooms to be able to squeeze in some much needed and well deserved relaxation and healing in between the more stressful and work focused training they had all day. Social workers, their colleagues, supervisors, mentors and co-workers all bear a heavy weight of witnessing and experiencing the trauma, stress and hardships of families in the most need in our community.

We felt so grateful to spend our day with and provide a workshop for this dedicated and community service focused group. 5 for 5 To Help You Survive is a workshop that offers the opportunity to learn about, experience and hopefully leave with some non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, easy and accessible techniques and tools to reduce stress, alleviate symptoms of anxiety and trauma, and increase a sense of well being. These practices can be used personally and be shared to benefit family, friends and clients.

Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive! Over 85% responded that they thought the workshop was excellent and would like to attend one of LOLK's events in the future.

Most comments stated that their favorite parts of the workshop were the instructors' demeanor and information about various simple techniques and exercises that helped them to relieve stress!

Are you looking for ways to lower stress in the workplace? Many of our services and workshops can be offered virtually! Contact us to discuss how we can create custom services to meet your needs at (708) 663-5572 or info@lightoflovingkindness.org.

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