Self Love Bootcamp for Teens

Self-Love Bootcamp is Light of Loving Kindness' response to the urgent need for personal empowerment and community connection among young people.

Donate today to help provide a self-empowering, healing experience for teens from trauma-affected communities.


Our Mission

Light of Loving Kindness is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, whose purpose is to provide access to Hope, Health, Healing, and Wholeness through Holistic Integrative Solutions and Mindfulness-based Interventions. We accomplish this by providing workshops, education & training, and resiliency services at free to low cost to communities that are considered to be underserved, underrepresented, low-income, and/or trauma-affected.

Who We Are

We are a group of trained, certified, and experienced practitioners, many with advanced degrees, from diverse walks of life, specializing in a wide variety of integrative, complementary, and alternative solutions for your health and wellness needs.

Who We Serve

Light of Loving Kindness is passionate about working with people from all walks of life, without discrimination, as many of us walk the same paths. At LOLK, we do not discriminate based on the many ways that we perceive ourselves to be different; including, but not limited to, in alphabetical order: ability, age, class or social status, color, ethnicity, gender (including gender expression, gender identity, and/or gender reassignment), marital status, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

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Client Testimonials

The latest Light of Loving Kindness workshop held at Wahe Guru Yoga in Chicago was amazing! I normally just stop in for a few hours at these events but I ended up staying the for the whole day because it was that good! The event was so welcoming, and I was able to experience services from practitioners that I normally wouldn't have known about. The cost of the event was so affordable for the value that was provided. Some of my favorite things from the event would have to be the hot stone massage, the light therapy and the Kundalini class by Aneela! Your event has inspired me to gift the services of these healers to my friends and family. May your light of loving kindness continue to spread throughout the Chicagoland area and abroad! Peace n Flow- Ashley Christensen

It was such a pleasure working with LOLK! Cassandra is amazing! Extremely organized, transparent and supportive! Her light flows graciously. ✨- Asheley Russell





human light BEINGS, DOING love and kindness beautifully!-Arin Lopez





Thank you, Light of Loving Kindness (LOLK) for allowing me to participate in such a profound event that truly did what it set out to do, Support the Community! Grand Respect to Chance The Rapper for reaching deep into his "Green Chi Reserves" and making such sizable Grant donations to LOLK and a few other organizations who's objectives are in sync with the ideology of community preservation. Thank you, Cassandra Powell for trusting in me to do what eye do! -Jimmy Chan


Even with this crazy weather, our first pop up clinic was a huge success! Thanks to all the beautiful hearts who came out to share in profound healing & contribute to this worthy cause! Much gratitude to our host, Sat Nam Yoga, for opening your doors & setting such an amazing vibration for the event! ???- Heather Woosley-Muffett





beautiful organization that I would recommend to anyone and everyone- Antoinette Kohlmeister




I so LOVED the LOLK event! It's so amazing what Cassandra has done bringing together different healing modalities and speakers all at one event for one low cost. I enjoyed ALL of the services from the reflexology to the light therapy to the yoga to the hot stone massage (oh my God, it was soooo good I didn't want it to end) ?. Ending the day with the sound shower was just spectacular... the sweet icing on the cake. ? So relaxing.- Charise Carter


headshot woman smiling purple scarfI received the most powerful reading from Cassandra. It was intuitive and formative, she was completely connected into my guides and was able to share that information with me with the most loving powerful words. I heard and understood and feel very emotionally and energetically empowered. I am very grateful!- Aneela Avtar Shabad




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Everyone needs the Light of Loving Kindness in their life!- Guy Spencer




"Great instruction and DIFFERENT -- I love the focus on self care.""Straight forward & simple; refreshing. I liked best how accessible & useful the tools are."-Anonymous Attendees to a 5 for 5 Workshop



"The presenter was able to engage the audience & hold their attention. The techniques were useful and I liked learning the breathing technique.""Fantastic information. Thank you! In our society it is very helpful to slow down! Proactive mindfulness, I wish it could have been longer to go further in depth."-Anonymous Attendees to a 5 for 5 Workshop


This organization/ Cassandra and the other Healers are so compassionate and Health Full. I had an opportunity to participate in Night at the Museum and the experience was "off the chain". I recommend this organization, going there, being present there and receiving a wonderful healing. I am grateful to have connected with the Light of Loving Kindness!???- Tiferet Shiloh


Had tension in my shoulders when I came in, the exercises helped reduce tension. The best part was reducing my tension with helpful exercises for work. - Shavette, attended 5 for 5 workshop




Because of my own personal battle with anxiety, this class was very informative. The breathing exercising were my favorite part. - Jewel, attended a 5 for 5 workshop



I really appreciated the variety of Offerings at Chance the Rapper's event at the Museum of Science and Industry. This was a major step up from 2019 with LOLK becoming a vendor made a big difference on many people's experiences. It is wonderful to experience the blending of alternative holistic services/experiences with traditional performing arts at my favorite museum in the city! Thank you Cassandra/LOLK.?❤?- Starlette Ali


CASE STUDIES: The Secret of Success

Our Pop-up clinics and many events would not be possible without the support from community volunteers. Students from local university honors society participated as volunteers in our January 2019 Pop-up clinic. Their support was essential in coordinating visitors and services to make sure all those who wanted to receive services were able to access them with ease. Not only did they earn community service hours applicable to their honor society requirements, they also gained invaluable experience supporting community members in exploration and experiencing a variety of healing modalities for increased well-being.

A student struggling with low self-esteem, lack of focus and concentration, and lack of energy attended one of our Pop-up clinics in June of 2019. They participated in a group yoga session, a nutrition workshop, enjoyed healthful food and beverages and connected with the supportive and energizing company of community and our trained and certified practitioners. They walked away from the Pop-up clinic feeling hopeful having experienced easy to do at home, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical ways to lower stress, boost their self-esteem, and increase concentration.