Temporary Shelter for Families Experiencing Homelessness

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Light of Loving Kindness provides temporary shelter to families of up to 4 people, in a comfortable two-bedroom apartment, completely furnished with beds, linen, furniture, kitchen utensils, coffee maker, toaster, microwave oven, tv set, with elementary and high schools within walking distance. 

LOLK works closely with local shelters, places of worships, and community organizations to place families for up to three months, completely free of charge, in an effort to allow these families an opportunity to reset, renew, and revise their life plans and to set a new path in a stable and loving environment. 

Services available include access to counseling, educational support, vocational assistance, meal planning support, transportation support, and other services as needed. 

Every year, one out of every 30 children in the United States experiences homelessness.

About 8% of the homeless population is composed of veterans. 

According to the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH), families made up half of the Chicago's homeless population, including more than 48,000 homeless children with parents and another 12,000 people younger than 21 without parents or guardians. The CCH estimates there are more than 64,000 homeless adults, about 46% of the total homeless population (Chicago Tribune, 2015).

If you or someone you know are in need of this type of assistance, contact Cassandra at 708-663-5572.